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It is with great excitement and pride that we announce that the Dream. Live. Inspire. Quality of Life Video is finally complete. The video offers a glimpse into the lives of six individuals living with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. You can follow the stories of Leah, Nathan, Morgan, Hayden, Harmanie and Ryan. We hope this video helps you to dream of an inclusive and accessible future, live for today and choose to make the most of your life, and inspire others by showing them what is possible. This project was made possible with generous funding from the Albert Culture and Community Spirit and the Alberta Paraplegic Foundation. You can also view these clips through our channel on YouTube.


























































































































The personal stories below feature our members and highlight some of the successes and challenges in their lives. These stories were originally published in our newsletter.

Shawna Desmond, Roxanne Ulanicki, Harmanie Shairp—Winter 2010—iDance Human Rights Award

Austin Thorowsky—Winter 2010—Trip to Texas

Carmen Zelenka—Spring 2009—Member Spotlight

Nicole Stefaniszyn—Spring 2009—Transition to Independence

Ryan Cutler—Spring 2009—Trip to Phoenix

Morgan Cathcart—Spring 2009—Stuffies for Stollery

Tabitha Colenutt—Winter 2009—Swimming with a Disability

Corey McDonald—Fall 2008—Space Shuttle Launch

Darnelda Volkman—Fall 2008—Ballet

Nicole Stefaniszyn—Spring & Fall 2008—Wheelchair Curling

Benner Family—Spring 2008—Member Spotlight

Lana Phillips—Fall 2007—Being the Supporter

Lana Phillips—Fall 2007—A Woman of Distinction: Roxanne

Helaina Cyr—Fall 2007—Wheelchair Basketball

Harmanie Shairp—Fall 2007—A Canadian Girl in London

Monica Sneath—Spring 2006—Trip to Walt Disney World

Roger Maschke—Spring 2006—Trip to Las Vegas

Donna Bulger—Spring 2006—Trip to Las Vegas

Roxanne Ulanicki—Fall 2005—To Walk or Not To Walk

Carmen Zelenka—Fall 2004—Member Spotlight

Donna Bulger—Spring 2004—Trip to New Orleans


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Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Northern Alberta

Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Northern Alberta