Meet Our Members


Nathan is a joyful boy who is more severely affected by spina bifida and hydrocephalus than most. Rather than assuming that he can’t do something, Nathan’s family and friends think outside the box and brainstorm how he can.


Morgan participates in almost every adapted sport and especially loves swimming and skiing. She is also actively involved in many clubs and activities in the community. Like a typical teenager, Morgan continually pushes for more independence and tries new things.


Ryan lives independently in an accessible condo downtown near his workplace. Since graduating from MacEwan University, Ryan continues to work hard, and has succeeded in the workplace. He enjoys travelling, watching sports, and spending time with family.


Harmanie is recently married and has worked hard to make her home accessible. She loves to dance and uses the skills and knowledge from her university education to contribute extensively to her community.


Hayden enjoys participating in numerous recreational activities including sledge hockey, hunting, and working out. He aspires to be a taxidermist. Hayden lives by the saying “everyone has challenges, mine are just different” and has a great sense of humour.


Leah embraces life in everything she does, seeking independence naturally. Despite the negative future that was painted for her and her parents when they were expecting, Leah is a happy, health, thriving child.

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